This practical informative seminar is designed to empower and inspire business entrepreneurs, leaders and managers to be able to more masterfully, effectively and efficiently achieve their overall business mission, visions and primary objectives as well as to achieve true financial fortune and freedom.

John Fredrick Demartini

John Fredrick Demartini (born November 25, 1954), is an American researcher, best selling author, international educator, public speaker in human behavior and former chiropractor.

He founded the Demartini Institute[1] and has trademarked certain methodologies in human development, the primary two being the Demartini Method and the Demartini Value Determination Process.

Demartini has also appeared in several films, including The Secret in 2006. He has also appeared in several documentaries and including Peter Rodger’s 2009 film Oh My God, and Overfed & Undernourished in 2014.







He is the author of nine internationally best selling

Published titles translated into 28 different languages, including The Breakthrough ExperienceInspired DestinyRiches WithinStress to SuccessHow to Make One Hell of a Profit and Still Get to HeavenThe Gratitude EffectWisdom of the OracleCount Your BlessingsThe Heart of LoveYou Can Have an Amazing Life in Just 60 Days and The Values Factor. He has also written for The Huffington Post

program outline

Business Leadership Mastery

Business Leadership


* The significance and impact of highest values based business leadership* How to become liberated from low priority actions and distractions

* How to remain highly focused on highest priority actions

* How to screen for and hire highly engaged ‘A’ executives or employees

* How to continually inspire highly engaged and productive teams


* How to manage and delegate according to values with inspiring and profitable results

* How to maximize respectful leadership, managerial and employee relations

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* How to catapult sales results

* How to dissolve conflicts – The Demartini Method

* How to break through plateaus to lead the industry

* How to do something original and extraordinary as a great business leader and leave an inspired legacy

Financial Leadership Mastery

Financial Leadership


  Business Leadership Mastery

* What distinguishes the 1%’ers from the 99%’ers (the Law of the One and the Many)

* Why most people don’t get ahead and only a few do

* Genuine wealth versus financial wealth

* How to raise wealth building higher on up your values

* How to break through financial plateaus

* The 6 primary steps to greater wealth

* How to take emotions out of financial volatilities

* Strategies to assure greater wealth accumulation

* How to take emotions out of financial volatilities

* Strategies to assure greater wealth accumulation

* How to transform debts into assets and opportunities

* Investing in companies

* Investing in real estate

* Preventing opportunists from trying to take your money

* The mindset of the super wealthy

* Building lasting wealth

* Financial freedom and leaving a trusted legacy




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